Our campsite was the first private camping in the region of Gizycko. It prospers for over 10 years. Camping site functions a year round. 
  • Territory of campsite is enclosed, lit and guarded,
  • Electrified stands for trailers and camping cars,
  • For guests disposal - sanitary building with toilets, showers with warm water and automatic washing machines,
  • 40 stands for approximately 200 persons,
  • Non-watched swimming area,
  • Place for setting tents.

  • 10 PLN. per person a day (unlimited usage of sanitary building)
  • Trailer - 25 PLN. per day
  • Camping car - 25 PLN. per day
  • Personal car - 10 PLNzl. per day
  • Tent - 10PLN. per day.