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Legend about Black Swan

Once upon a time there was his sweetheart motherhood, - started her tale an old woman, - he was happy here himself but didn't make other people happy. He had something inside that pulled the evil to him. He was not a bad man, no! People liked him. He had a bit guilty conscience though people used to forgive him. But once he committed an awful crime - love crime. He infatuated an innocent girl. He beguiled sweet words and sentimental glances. He played with her feelings and then abandoned her. In despair she went to swamps and had never returned. People cursed him. But most of all he harmed himself. Because he really loved her. But understood it too late. He suffered great. He had been looking for her eyes, scents, traces. He went her way to the swamps. People saw him wandering in sorrow.

Life continued, people came to the world and left it. Soon the swampy wanderer was forgotten. One day on the waters of Niegocin Lake appeared a black swan, announcing his arrival with a loud shout. Old folks saw the wanderer in the swan. They feared. But he came back completely different. He spread his protective wings above the hamlet. He forestalled the fate. He warned against the evil. He watched above the fates of lovers. Nobody experienced an unhappy love here. The hamlet lived wealthy and peacefully. Everybody felt safe under the wings of Black Swan. Smiling natives greeted newcomers with joy. And nothing has changed up to nowadays.

On the bank of the lake, near his nest people built an inn. Named it "At the Black Swan". When you reach the inn and cross the threshold, you'll be given excellent food and delicious wines and naturally you'll admire the atmosphere of tranquility and mysteriousness.

And the swan? Folks tell, that sometimes, in dawn one can see him in coastal reeds. And if you see him once, happiness will never leave you…

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